CORVID/Self isolation activities/Coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus – no way to miss the most viral videos on the net during the Corona days
Self isolation activitiesMar.29.2020

Coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus – no way to miss the most viral videos on the net during the Corona days

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There are a lot of information, articles, stories and jokes about the coronavirus on the Internet. You need to treat it with humor and find activities to cheer if you want thit quarantine to pass easier. Or just look at other people who do funny things while sitting at home. We’ve collected some videos to cheer you up and make you smile to coronavirus.

Coronavirus sex be like

Coronavirus forces people to fully protect all parts of their bodies. But what about the beautiful act of love during quarantine? These guys found a way out.

Corona Hip-Hop Song

The songs about the coronavirus were only a matter of time. Guys are dancing and flexing to hip-hop about the coronavirus in this video. Cool punches to help you to remember the safety rules during a pandemic.

Can Corona satisfy me?

Another musical video to the famous song of Benny Benassi – Satisfaction. The most interesting thing is to watch how these guys drinking the Corona beer. You can see that the boys took the quarantine seriously.

Can I make money on toilet paper?

A very famous scene from the popular series Breaking Bad. Is it possible that drug dealers will charge the toilet paper if the situation gets worse? Let’s hope that the panic about the deficit of such a necessary thing will stop soon. Actually, it can be used not only for toilet deals so few packs will not be exceeded.

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