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Clubs in Netherlands are open now, but visitors can only dance there sitting down

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The nightclub Doornroosje in the Dutch city of Nijmegen opened to the public after the coronavirus outbreak. Guests were only allowed to dance sitting on chairs in order not to provoke new infections.

According to the new rules, the club can accommodate up to 30 people at a time and tickets must be booked online in advance. All parties are held during the day, not at night.

Initially it was assumed that visitors will be able to dance as usual and observe a safe distance of 1.5 meters, but the authorities did not like this approach. In order not to cancel the events, the administration of the club put chairs in the hall and prohibited people from getting up.

Visitors were pleased with this format. «It was very cool, everyone moved their bodies and waved their hands, even though they were on chairs», said one of the guests.

It’s not surprising that people even liked parties like that – in such a strange way, but you can move. In Berlin, for example, clubs also have opened, but you can’t dance there for safety reasons – you can only sit at tables and eat. So, the clubs in Germany have temporarily turned into pubs.

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