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British 100-year-old veteran Tom Moore will become a knight

tom moore

British 100-year-old veteran Tom Moore, who helped to raise almost £33 million to fight the coronavirus by walking in his own garden, will receive the title of knight. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposed to make him a «Sir».

Tom Moore, a World War II veteran, who served in the Royal Air Force, underwent cancer treatment and restored his mobility after a hip fracture. He decided to do 100 laps in his own garden and to collect a thousand pounds for the National Health System in gratitude to British doctors; but the donations were a lot more larger.

On 30 April, Moore celebrated his centenary. By this time he had already become a national hero. He was given the honorary title of Colonel, and the British Air Force congratulated him by flying over his house on his birthday. Boris Johnson also sent congratulations to Moore.

Now the Prime Minister has asked the Queen to grant him the title of knight, and he will be officially called «Captain Sir Thomas Moore». Elizabeth II has already approved Johnson’s request.

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