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World mapMar.26.2020

BREAKING! Prince Charles is infected by COVID-19

prince charles

Prince Charles got a coronavirus disease. Sources close to the palace have reported this.

It came out that the 71-year-old Prince of Wales, son of Elizabeth II, was tested for coronavirus infection and it turned out to be positive.

Prince Charles continues to work remotely, his disease is mild. He has isolated himself in his house in Scotland.

His wife Camille, Duchess of Cornwall, was also tested but the result was negative.

It is not yet possible to find out how the prince was infected, according to sources – in recent weeks he has communicated with a large number of people during official events.

It was previously reported that the Prince of Monaco, Albert II, had been infected with coronavirus. His health status is not worrisome.

The grandson of the last Austrian emperor, 59-year-old Archduke Carl of Habsburg-Lorraine, was a first person of European royal dynasty who was infected with coronavirus.

Great Britain decided not to quarantine the whole country during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, but it was recommended to avoid public places.

This strategy did not work and according to the latest information almost 8.2 thousand infected people were already registered in Great Britain: 422 people have died and 135 have recovered.

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