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Self isolation activitiesMar.03.2020

Are you quarantined with a teenager? 5 activities you can do together

quarantine for teenager

Spending time together is very important for developing healthy relationships. The quarantine can be a great opportunity to spend time with those who usually do not have it for you.

Young people sit home with elders very rarely, but now you have an additional opportunity to strengthen intergenerational relationships.

Here are five activities to spend time together if you are locked up with a teenager.

Cook something together!

Working in the kitchen brings people together. If your grandmother once taught you how to cook a special cake, it is time to teach the younger generation.

You will spend a lot of time together and besides cooking, you will have plenty of time to talk. The best part is the result – it will be a delicious reward, so you can spend some extra time together trying out what you have cooked.

Teenagers may seem like strangers. Get to know them better!

No kidding, you should get to know your teenagers better. Many parents wonder why their kids get away at a certain age.

Young people face a huge number of real-world challenges that they are not ready to deal with on their own. You will never know about their problems, if a teenager does not trust you. If you know each other well, talk about the things that worry you both.

Maybe we should have put this paragraph first because there is nothing simpler and more effective than a heart-to-heart conversation. Maybe this is the best time to get together and talk.

Music is a conversation of the soul

Italians show the world the miraculous power of music. People go out on balconies to play together every day after 6 pm. Collective listening to music uplifts the mood and brings people together on an emotional level.

If you and your teenager find it difficult to communicate, music can be the answer. Everybody loves music; all you have to do is find the intersection of your interests. You do not have to play an instrument. All you have to do is compare your Spotify or Apple Music libraries.

Be brave enough to create content

Your teenager is dreaming of becoming popular on the Internet. Most likely, he or she has accounts in all current social networks. Collaborate with them!

You can shoot a cool Tik-Tok video, post an awesome Instagram photo or even go live broadcasting in Twitch. The presence of an adult person will enliven the audience, and quarantine will explain your participation.

Play together!

There is no activity that teenagers love and adults underestimate more. Playing in a variety of ways is a door to the world of imagination. Like music, games can be a bridge between people on an emotional level.

You do not even have to have a second gamepad or a game for two at all. Passing the game together, being close to the player, experiencing the plot together and helping to make difficult decisions is enough.

As you can see, quarantine is a great way to spend time together. And it might happen that you do not want to split up even when quarantine is over.

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