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World mapMay.19.2020

A priest sanctifies parishioners with a water pistol in the United States

a priest

The priest has become known on the Internet and his parish publishes memes with him in social networks.

The priest from Michigan became a star on social networks after photos of his blessings during the coronavirus pandemic spread online.

The St. Ambrose Parish Facebook community posted pictures of 70-year-old Father Tim Pelk. He wears a mask and gloves to ensure safety during his work; but for many Internet users, the main feature of his blessings is a water pistol with holy water. This is how the priest manages to keep a safe distance with his parishioners. Usually faithful drive up to him right by car and open a window.

The pictures of the priest that became viral were taken on Easter. Mostly the priest sanctified Easter baskets with food.

According to the priest himself, the idea with a water pistol came to him, as he wanted to please the children. He also consulted with his friend doctor to make sure that the idea with the water pistol would be safe for everyone.

The St. Ambrose parish soon noticed Father Tim’s popularity and took it easy. The parish community even shared a meme with a priest in social networks.

«This is the principle that works on the internet: as soon as a post or photo with you becomes viral – you become a meme hero. This happened to Father Tim, who conquered the world with his unique way of sprinkling holy water. We found memes with him on Reddit and Imgur», the community says.

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