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World mapJun.30.2020

A new surge of coronavirus incidence in Israel

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Breaking news! Israel has recorded the largest daily increase of new coronaviruses disease since April 22. This statement is reported by the Ministry of Health of Israel.

The spike is observed as schools, enterprises, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions are reopened in the country.

The Israel government has identified several areas with restrictions on entry and exit following the rise in coronavirus cases. They entered into force on June 24 and will continue for one week.

The WHO praises Israel for its quick reaction to the second wave of coronavirus.

Israel has responded quickly to the increase in infections and is taking all necessary action to block a new outbreak of coronavirus. This was announced by Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Europe, at a special press conference in Copenhagen. A video of his speech was released on Friday, 26 June.

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