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Self isolation activitiesMar.10.2020

9 online professions you can master during quarantine

online professions

Many workers went on forced leave under quarantine conditions. It is estimated by the world labor organization that about 25 million people may be unemployed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Despite such statistics do not despair or start to panic.

In any case, now is a very good time to learn more about what online professions are in demand today. Maybe you will find something interesting for yourself.

Data Scientist

The amount of information people use continues to increase day by day. Data Science is a science that learns how to analyze and obtain useful information. It is connected with machine learning, Big Data and analyzing. The profession requires technical skills, the ability to analyze and focus.

Designer of 3D models

3D printing is used in various industries. In this work designers apply following methods: visualization, 3D-design, modelling, rendering and so on.

It will be difficult to start working without practical experience but it is possible to study basis with the help of online courses.

Specialist in Blockchain

Blockchain technology is used by banks, technology corporations, automobile concerns and others. According to the Upwork freelancer search site understanding the principles of Blockchain and ability to work with technology has become the most popular skill. Professionals of this industry will need a variety of knowledge.

Robotic Systems Engineer

Robots will do the most hard and work in future, but their existence is impossible without human being: robots have to be created and kept in working order. Hence there is a need for engineers of robotic systems. A specialist should know the mechanics, robotics and other areas related to the specialty.

A financier with knowledge of cryptographic markets

It’s the period of the cryptographic boom. A financier with knowledge of cryptocurrency markets will figure out which coins to invest in, how not to get caught in the tricks of intruders and how to get a chance to earn. This will require financial literacy, investment industry knowledge and analytical skills.

Genetic Consultant

Over the last decade genetics has gained wide popularity and has become a science that interests not only scientists but also “ordinary” people. A specialist in this industry will help to understand the peculiarities of metabolism, potential vulnerability to certain bacteria or viruses, predisposition to certain diseases.

This requires appropriate education including study of genetics and several other sciences, but you can get a basis, improve your skills or acquire new knowledge with the help of online training.

A specialist in the renewable energy industry

The International Energy Agency forecasts that the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix will increase to 29% by 2023. The market continue growing; there will be demand for specialists in this field in the near future.

There are many directions within the profession and therefore it is better to concentrate on a certain direction.

Mobile app developer

Payment services, time-trackers, project management programs it is only part of applications we use daily. There is an increasing demand for developers of applications for iOS and Android. Specialists will need programming languages: Objective-C and Swift or Java. You can learn them by yourself.

Specialist in GMO-agronomy

Feedback on GMOs is controversial. In any case, the industry continues developing, which stimulates the demand for this profession.

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