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Health and TipsMar.23.2020

5 ways to boost your immune system

The recent coronavirus outbreak has led many people to think about their immunity and general health for the first time in a long time.

The immune system given to us by nature is an amazing defense mechanism. Just imagine how many billions of germs and harmful bacteria are around us, getting on our hands and food.

Fortunately, there are many ways to strengthen and awaken our immune system. There is nothing more important than working on our immunity during this pandemic.

Here are 5 of the most effective yet simple methods to improve and strengthen your immune system

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Nasal rinsing

Nasal rinsing consists of letting a jet of saltwater through one nostril into another. Looks pretty pointless in the face of a deadly virus, but there is one thing. Washing the nasopharynx, an area that is ignored by our immune system flushes out toxins and stimulates immunity in general. This will help you to clean the respiratory tract from microbes, bacteria, and viruses. It is particularly useful to perform these procedures when returning home from the street and before going to bed.

Ginger Root

The root of ginger has been used for thousands of years to cure patients of colds, flues, and various inflammations in folk medicine. And now it is used as a component of many pharmaceutical products as a natural killer of viruses and bacteria. This plant will significantly strengthen and enrich your immunity while being a natural killer of viruses and bacteria.

Bee pollen

Bees pollen is a flight pharmacy. Everything useful and healthy that can be found in flowers and other plants is collected in this incredible product. There is nothing better for immunity than products that have the closest connection to nature. Bees pollen is not processed and it is the best option is to buy it on local markets. Beekeepers and local farmers can help you with this.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C along with other vital vitamins and microelements builds our immune system and increases resistance to diseases and microbes. Its sources are not only citrus fruits, but also ordinary cabbage, vegetables, and other daily products. Add a couple of slices of lemon to your water and white cabbage to the salad to start.

«Good bacteria»

Probiotics have become very common in recent years. And now, during the pandemic, their use is more relevant than ever. «Good bacterias» will be a great help to strengthen your immunity. The digestive stimulation they cause will help your body cope with stress.

Preserve the health benefits of your food
Try to subject your food to a minimum thermal treatment to preserve as many nutrients and vitamins as possible. Perhaps a coronavirus outbreak is a good excuse to switch to separate food and steamed or boiled meals.

Be healthy!

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