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Self isolation activitiesApr.21.2020

5 interesting Netflix TV shows of 2020 to watch during quarantine


I am not okay with this

Topic: a notorious teenager with strange superpowers

Sydney Novak lives in the small town of Brownsville in Pennsylvania. She calls herself “the most ordinary 17-year-old boring girl.” She has friends – a popular girl Dena and her weird neighbor Stanley, who smokes weed and obviously likes Sydney. Not everything is good in main heroine’s family: her father has recently killed himself and relations in the family have worsened after the tragedy.

The girl’s life consists of usual teen agony: sexual self-determination, light drugs and the first disappointments. Soon everything changes and girl finds out she has supernatural powers – in moments of anger or panic Sydney can easily dump a tree or throw a bowling ball at someone using the power of her mind. The heroine knows nothing about her power and is afraid to tell someone about it.

The New Pope

Topic: continuing of adventures of the cheeky pope

The first public appearance and Christmas speech in Venice ended surprisingly badly for the youngest pontiff in history – Lenny Bellardo (Pius XIII) saw a couple who looked like his alleged parents, and fainted. It had led to a coma – this is a beginning of the second season. At that time cardinals try to save the situation quickly. The title of pontiff is offered to John Brannox, a powerful English aristocrat with neatly let down eyes and Vatican-friendly ideas. First he doubts about the title but soon agrees and takes the name John Paul III.

The Messiah

Topic: a strange man in the East who’s considered the new Christ

It is a story about a man who has appeared in the Middle East, then finds followers and attracts the attention of the world by his sudden appearance in a small Texas town in the midst of a tornado.

The appearance of a person who is considered to be the new Messiah causes a huge public outcry, in a few days it covers the whole world thanks to social networks and media. Ordinary people follow Messiah, the media rack of his every movement and the CIA wants to know who he really is.

Is this man a quack or can he really be the Son of God?


Topic: favorite vampire story

Transylvania, 1897. The exhausted Jonathan Harker escaped from Count Dracula’s castle and he found shelter in the convent.

Some time ago a young British arrived at the castle of an eccentric old Romanian aristocrat to sign the papers on the property he had purchased in London.

Harker was going to leave the next day but Dracula imprisoned him – getting out of the endless labyrinths of the castle was not easy, Jonathan had nightmares at night and the worse he felt that Dracula became younger.

The Outsider

Topic: adaptation of Stephen King’s new detective novel

An ordinary English teacher from a small town of Flynn City loves his wife and daughters and coaches a local children’s football team in his spare time. One day the teacher is arrested during the training on suspicion of killing a little boy.

The best specialists work on this case and find fingerprints and traces of the teacher’s DNA, but soon it turns out that he was hundreds of kilometers from hometown at the time when the crime was committed.

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