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Self isolation activitiesMar.19.2020

5 games that will make you feel like it’s the end of the world even though reality makes it better


We all need to entertain and relax somehow under quarantine conditions despite the fact that there is the end of the world outside the window. But is that really the case? We know that the coronavirus is a problem that concerns everyone but sometimes we need to distract ourselves from truth that keep us awake.

There are discounts in many stores on various games now. End of the world games are now more relevant than ever. We have prepared for you five games about the end of the world. Feel like a hero in extreme conditions without leaving home.

Metro Exodus

The third part of the series left the stuffy subway tunnels and sent users on a journey through the ruined Russia. Artem and his team provided the Aurora train with everything they needed and went to look for survivors across the country. The players will see different cities of the state during the adventure and the apocalypse is incredibly colorful here. The developers have managed to make it plausible with the elaborate environment. You can see the details of everyday life,preserved part of the architecture, inscriptions on the walls, some notes. You sink in such an apocalypse and feel that the tragedy took place quite recently but its consequences cannot be corrected.


A battle of angels and demons suddenly has started on Earth. The War – one of four Horsemen of the Apocalypse heard the call and intervened. He entered the battle but without his brothers. It turned out that the Seventh Seal was not broken and the appearance of a warrior led to the enslavement of the Earth by demons. Unit of Ashes gives War a chance to deal with the situation. He returns to the planet where the real apocalypse has occurred. People have become the living dead who are the weakest opponents in the Darksiders. Demons are everywhere and Abaddon’s servants have transformed the environment according to their needs. All this has to be dealt to one of the Riders.

The Walking Dead

This is the first season where players witness the zombie apocalypse. The main character Lee Everett is being followed by a police car. The man is accused of killing a senator who was sleeping with his wife. Suddenly there are alarms on the radio and the car is in an accident. Lee survived and managed to get out of the vehicle as a rebellious dead man pounced on him. The protagonist defeated a zombie and then tried to find shelter in the city. He found out that the whole world was captured by an unknown virus that turns people into zombies. There are very few survivors left and they form small communities and do not trust anyone. Lee will have to find a safe place and will make difficult moral decisions under these conditions.

I Am Alive

The apocalypse in this project is also local but it feels quite plausible. The story in I Am Alive tells how Chicago became a victim of powerful earthquakes. They have completely destroyed the city’s infrastructure and brought the dust storms, which you can’t breathe in. These phenomena are part of the gameplay because they make you look for shelter all the time. The player takes role of Adam, an ordinary guy who wants to know the fate of his beloved people. He has to look for the ways to cross districts and travel through ruined high-rises. NPC get food here and lured into traps and virtues are almost absent among them. Sometimes you can feel the tremors that continue destroying the city. You have to look for resources and gradually move on the plot in such conditions.

Resident Evil 6

This part of the cult series is the best if you want to feel the large-scale apocalypse. You will face viruses and zombies but political conspiracies with huge mutants will be a novelty. Resident Evil 6 features four campaigns and each can surprise you with level of global apocalypse. Bio-terrorists from Neo-Ambrell have decided to spread the virus around the planet but this is only one of few story arches. Users will see the process of infecting an entire city, fighting a giant monster from Project Chaos. There are plenty of tasks to prevent a global catastrophe.

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