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World mapMar.13.2020

3D printing of medical masks became popular

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Isaac Budmen and Stephanie Keefe are the creators of the company Budmen Industries; they design and sell custom 3D printers. The idea of creating masks on 3D printer came because of coronavirus epidemic in the world. There was a lot of information about medical professionals who hadn’t enough masks to work.

The company owners understood they could help. Budmen and Keefe have created a prototype of a disposable mask that can be printed and assembled in one hour. Later they published a manual on their website that shows how to assemble masks properly.

Soon the company began to service a very large number of medical professionals; it was a difficult task for one company. Therefore, a lot of volunteers joined Budmen and Keefe in creating medical masks with the help of 3D printing – a mask design has been downloaded more than 2000 times on Budmen Industry’s site.

This project became widely known due to national news. It has inspired the public greatly, for example, teachers began to produce makeshift masks right into the classrooms.

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